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Creative Passport

Your Creative Accelerator Registration šŸš€

Your Creative Accelerator Registration šŸš€

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Accelerate your creative career with our exclusive Creative Accelerator Program, specially crafted for musicians, music producers, brand ambassadors, and podcasters ready to level up their platforms in 2024!

āœ… Bi-weekly live online sessions covering essential business topics
āœ… Personalized coaching and guidance from an experienced entertainment attorney
āœ… Fast Reference Sheets, recordings, and networking opportunities
āœ… Template Non-Disclosure Agreement upon program completion
āœ… Exclusive access to a supportive community of like-minded creatives

Topics covered:

  • What is MY Value? Assess and articulate your unique value proposition.
  • They Made Me an Offer, What do I do Now? Navigate negotiations effectively.
  • Building The Foundation with a limited budget. Strategies for success on a budget.
  • Protecting and Building Using My Intellectual Property. Leverage IP for growth.

Join our pre-launch pilot program now at 75% off the regular fee and accelerate your success in 2024!

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