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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Amy has been with us from the start. She got us through our first podcast deal. From that first podcast deal to now - creating Invest Fest (the world’s largest financial literacy festival), negotiating multiple 7 figure deals, and building our media empire - Amy has become our go-to advisor. She is family and we know that she has our best interests at heart."

Earn Your Leisure

"Amy has been in the trenches with me for years. She has made sure that I have received revenue from every royalty stream possible. She has been one of my greatest advocates and supporters."


"While negotiating on my behalf, Amy got me the 3 things I care about most - creative control, maintaining a good relationship with the label, and a lucrative deal. I know that I would not be able to get that without Amy."

Kevin Ross

"Amy is accessible, dependable, and efficient which is important in the fast-paced and demanding beauty industry. I thoroughly appreciate Amy’s ability to skillfully communicate and advocate for her clients to make sure they are getting what they desire out of the transaction."

Yene Damtew

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The Creative Passport

"What you need"

"You need a great advocate to ask for the things you're too scared to request, the things you truly want, the things you rightfully deserve, and even the things
you didn't know you could obtain."

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